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Choice of filter media - The 3 steps-concept


1) Demand analysis / The 4 essential questions

♦ Which filtering / screening-technology (suction filter, centrifuge, sifter, dust-filter etc.) to be used ?
♦ To which chemical, thermal or mechanical stress will the filter-element be exposed ?
♦ What are the product properties, machine and process-parameter ?
♦ Where will the machine specific wear (mode of discharge) appear ? 

2) Choice of filter media and technical consultation / The 5 essential aspects

Choice of material depending on temperature and pH-value
   (resistance against acids, alkali, organic solvents)
Choice of yarn type, yarn diameter, weave pattern, thickness of fabric, pore size dependant on
   mechanical stress and filtering properties
Choice of additional surface and chemical finish to control filtering properties, service life,
   cake discharge and cloth regeneration (cleaning)
♦ Design, construction of filter cloth taking into consideration of the specific mode of filter-cleaning,
   the cake-discharge-methods and the various modes of filter fastenings
♦ Recommendation of optimal filter cloth with regard to price and performance

3) Verification on site / The 3 essential steps

♦ Pilot trials on site to adapt filter-media, process- and filter-equipment
♦ Registration of the long term characteristics of inserted filters with regard to obstruction,
   regeneration, form-stability, mechanical and chemical wear
♦ Final statement and recommendation

Product range of synthetic filter media

1) Product range of synthetic filter media for the solid / liquid-separation
2) Product range of filter media for the gas-filtration
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